NomadWallet app

An expense tracking app

designed specifically for travel

Seamlessly take control of your travel expenses,no matter where you go.Download free.

More travel.


Less headache.

The app takes the burden of tracking travel expenses off of your shoulders, and let you start enjoying yourself on the road, which is why you are travelling.

NomadWallet is tailor made for you to track expenses on the go. Built with feedback from travelers along our travels.

* we also use NomadWallet to track our daily expenses when we are at home.

The “Problem”

There are so many expense tracking apps out there but many apps don’t work well for people who may be traveling through several countries in a month and spending multiple currencies. They are complicated with several unnecessary features for travelers & lack the features needed.


Our solution:

We decided to make it ourselves with valuable advice from travellers, nomads, backpackers and expats we met on the road to make sure it fits the purpose of travel.
 NomadWallet allows you to track your expenses across multiple countries and currencies, to organize your spending by month or by trip.

The app makes you happy


Track your travel expenses

Designed for travellers, we don’t have any junk features.


Visualize your spending

Understand your spending habits to help you make better decisions.


No worry about exchange rates

Your expenses will automatically be converted to your home currency.


Multiple currencies support

Support many currencies in a trip, all converted to your home currency.


Simple & easy to use

The world is already very noisy, let’s keep it simple.


Snap the photos

Snap photos of receipts and attach them to an entry.


Backup data

For your privacy, data is stored locally on your device and can be backed up to Dropbox.


Feel the travel

Add a travel photo as a background image for each trip.

Kyle Gawley

Founder of Gravity, Everview & Get Invited. Digital Nomad.

I’ve always believed that tracking expenses is the secret to good financial management, but managing money while travelling is almost impossible – NomadWallet is the only tool I’ve found that enables me to track my daily cash spending in multiple currencies, and it gives me useful reports. I use it every day and love it!


NomadWallet has unlimited free usage for expense tracking and several other features. We also offer premium features for purchase.


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